Who We Are

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Left to Right: Eric Hohmann, Greg Garney, Jenny Miner, Charlie Marshall, Dan Kirsch,
Matt Bishop, Nichole Rehm, Cody Lawhorn, Gabe Thomas, Dustin Richmond, Bitsy Lawhorn, Dean Karcz

Our Company

PTS recently celebrated our 24th year of providing professional engineering services to our community.  We are a well-established firm, located in Anchorage, Alaska.  Thanks to the hard work, dedication and efforts of our staff, we are respected in our community as a firm which accomplishes the client’s objectives with honesty and integrity, while staying true to the values of our community.

Our Staff

We have the great fortune of having employees who care as much about our company, our work, and our community as we do.  We value our employees greatly and strive to maintain a long tenure, low-turnover culture. Our core staff includes three registered civil engineers, a registered surveyor, an experienced project and construction manager, as well as two civil engineering EITs, several technicians, inspectors and administrative staff.

Traits We Seek

When hiring new employees, we look for people who will diligently work to accomplish the goals and objectives of our clients.  As a small firm, it is critical to have self-motivated people with strong values, progressive approaches and problem solving skills who strive to advance in our industry.

  • Education (Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering,
    Land Surveying, or Construction Management)
  • Broad Industry Knowledge Base
  • Versatility in AutoCAD and GIS
  • Technical Writing Skills
  • Field and Construction Expertise
  • Excellent Communication Skills
  • Blend of Professional Aspirations and Personal Passions

Employee Benefits

Employee benefits include competitive wages, retirement plan, health insurance plan and paid vacation time.  In addition, we enjoy casual team-building and family events such as holiday parties, summer picnics, golf tournaments, fishing and other outdoor adventures.

PTS Fishing Trip in Seward, Alaska

PTS Fishing Trip in Seward, Alaska